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Are you in need of some excellent tools and resources to help get your online affiliate marketing business up and running?

Or are you looking to take your existing affiliate marketing business to the next level?

Below is a curated list of various internet marketing tools and resources that I believe will help you in your online business journey.

Just FYI: I’m both a customer and an affiliate of the resources in this post. (see my Affiliate Disclosure)


Resource #1: Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter

#1 Affiliate Marketing Platform – Going Strong Since 2005

This resource has most everything you need to start making money online. I will help you create and grow an online business, based on your own interests.

This educational affiliate marketing platform and community caters to both newbies and people that are already very successful online and of course everyone in between.

I’ve been a Yearly Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate since May 2012. For a more detailed review, check out this post below 👇

Free Invitation

The Free Starter option is great to get signed up and have a look around to see if it’s something that you are interested in.

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Resource #2: Insta-Profile

Free Instagram Marketing

Get 10x Your Followers Engagement on Instagram

Insta-Profile gives you the power to make Instagram your advertising platform.

Increase sales, web traffic and brand awareness with this software.

Insta-Profile converts your Instagram account into a professional social media platform.

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Resource #3: Heavy Hitter Leads

Heavy Hitter Leads Biz Opp Leads

Exclusive Premium Business Opportunity Leads

Do you need business opportunity seeker leads?

Heavy Hitter Leads has got you covered!

Discover how everyday people are getting business opportunity leads without needing a website and without paying for dubious traffic clicks. 

AND discover how you can get these leads DAILY!

I came across this little gem from a 7-figure internet marketer, whom I trust and whom I know personally as my mentor and friend for the last few years.

In fact, they are the one who owns and controls this fantastic lead service.

Everything they do is 100% top-notch.

So, I know it’s awesome. 

In fact, one of their favorite sayings is “Lead Prosperity Leads to Prosperity.”

And they are right!

You need new eyeballs on your offers daily in order to prosper in your online business.

What I really like about Heavy Hitter Leads is that the lead delivery is reliable and I enjoy the automatic drip feature very much. It’s nice to receive new leads daily on autopilot.

Let’s back up a bit though…

Why is lead generation such a big deal?

Why do people go on and on about leads, leads, leads?

That’s all you seem to hear about online is leads.

You need leads.

You gotta have leads.

Leads, Leads, Leads!

Well, it’s because NOT having leads will often cause your business to be dead in the water….

…unless of course you have TONS of organic traffic daily to a website or e-commerce store or something like that…

….or if you pay a fortune for PPC advertising, of which there is no guarantee you will actually make a dime.

This is unrealistic for most people.

What you need are leads that you can EMAIL your offers to daily.

These leads build your email list and this list becomes an instant traffic source for you, independent of search engines and other things you cannot control online.

Leads are the fuel for the engine of your business. This is the case in some offline businesses too.

Lead generation is crucial for both offline and pretty much all online businesses.

Leads are are an important RESOURCE when it comes to building an email list and sharing your offers with that list.

Heavy Hitter Leads buys Tens of Thousands of leads per day to lock in the absolute lowest price possible and share these savings with you.

Leads are generated live 24 hours a day by one of the most prolific business opportunity lead generation companies online, whose leads have been tested out first by Heavy Hitter Leads.

Leads can be automatically dripped into your autoresponder daily.

Click Here to find out which autoresponders are compatible with Heavy Hitter Leads exclusive auto drip feature.

You can also download the leads to use however & whenever you want.

All premium leads are made available for download in 24-48 Hours exclusive of holidays and weekends.

A thorough and methodical process is used to ensure that you are receiving the best quality leads possible.

The leads are scrubbed, validated and each contact record is verified.

In order to make sure you get great email delivery, Heavy Hitter Leads checks:

☑️ The domain

☑️ Validates the smtp

☑️ Removes catchall emails

☑️ Eliminates spam traps

☑️ Fixes syntax errors

☑️ Removes all duplicates and

☑️ Deletes both & hard bounces

Then, right before they deliver the leads into your autoresponder (or makes them available for you to download) Heavy Hitter Leads does the following:

They scrub the email list one more time.


They check the phone numbers against a gigantic database of known TCPA litigators & habitual filers.

So, as you can see…Heavy Hitter Leads goes above and beyond to make sure that the lead data is verified in order to give you the best quality business opportunity leads…while also protecting YOUR sending reputation.

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Resource #4: GetResponse


Powerful, simplified tool to send emails, create pages, and automate your marketing.

Find new customers and build your email list with lead generation tools that turn anonymous connections into loyal fans.

Stay in touch with your customers and potential clients with targeted online communication that converts.

Build a following, engage them with your content, and turn your expertise into a profitable business.

Market your online business and deliver experiences that convert visitors into returning customers.

💎 👉 Click Here to Get Free Trial 👈 💎

Resource #5: The Postcard Program

SendOutCards Postcard Program

Increase Your Customers Through Appreciation

Founded in 2003, SendOutCards is the best customer appreciation and customer retention program in the world.

💠 This is a VERY solid company that offers a great way to increase your customers through relationship marketing.

This resource can help you build relationships in your online business, which helps you GROW your online business.

Appreciating your customers and clients will help make you stand out, especially in the world of online business, where it’s easy to get lost in the crowd.

Appreciation is the key to loyal customers and more referrals.

This resource can also be used for both business and personal outreach.

Just recently, in June 2021, they launched The Postcard Program.

It’s fun.

It’s simple.

It’s highly addictive, easy to explain, and it is absolutely, positively one of the most powerful ways to INSTANTLY transform all of your lukewarm social media friends into full-blown RAVING FANS, who can’t say enough good things about you.

Which INSTANTLY helps you build an even bigger audience of RAVING FANS and… bam!

Just like that… Everything changes.

👉 Better relationships.

👉👉 Better engagement.

👉👉👉 Better conversions.


Use this fun and effective resource to take your online business and relationships to the next level.

💎 👉 Click Here to Check it Out Now 👈 💎

Resource #6: DepositPhotos

Deposit Photos

Do you need legal royalty free photos, images videos and music to use for your online business?

DepositPhotos is a great resource to get all you need with over 210 million files to choose from using their advanced search function.

✅ High Quality and Great Selection.

✅ Affordable Prices.

Don’t risk copyright infringement issues by using dubious sources or “grabbing” images from Google.

Your online business needs to be protected and it’s best to stay on the up and up.

💎 👉 Click Here to Create Your Account 👈 💎

Resource #5: Free Lead System

Free Lead System

I hope you find these resources helpful in taking YOUR online business to the next level of success and prosperity. 🙂