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Former Splash Wizard Review: See Brand A Splash Update Below

UPDATE 5-26-20: I have been using a simple alternative to Splash Wizard for a while now called BRAND A SPLASH. I certainly don’t love it the way I did Splash Wizard, but it’s very inexpensive and easy to use.

It’s also very limited in scope. You can only make a personally branded splash page with it, but for the extremely affordable price though, it’s a nifty resource.

You can basically create a personally branded splash page that you can use to promote any program you want, while building your brand. They even have a promotional rotator that’s available to Gold Members.

Again, it’s extremely easy to use and does not require design skills, hosting or a domain name. It’s just a low one-time membership fee with no ongoing monthly service costs.

I really love the simplicity. You can edit your splash page anytime you want and you can even change whatever offer you are promoting anytime you want as well. Brand A Splash uses a very simple interface and any changes you make are instant.

You can change the template anytime you want by simply choosing the URL that matches one of 20 templates. 3 of the templates are actually Holiday themes.

You don’t have to redo your splash page in order to switch templates…just choose a different URL.

You can actually promote your offer using all 20 template URL’s. So, that is a neat feature. This makes it easy to test what template works best for your needs and your audience.

There is also a nice little affiliate program that is offered and completely optional.  It pays out 50% commissions. Most people are interested in promoting their own brand and offers, but the affiliate program is also available to use, if you choose.

As you can see, I left the review below for Splash Wizard in place because people do still search for that product and as a result find this review. This allows me to let them know that Splash Wizard is no longer available and also that Brand A Splash is a viable resource.

I actually signed up as a Brand A Splash Gold Member quite a while ago, but I just never updated this post until now. It’s definitely a useful resource and very affordable.

Just FYI: I’m both a customer and an affiliate of the resource in this post (see my Affiliate Disclosure)

Brand A Splash

[UPDATE 12-30-18: Due to circumstances out of the owner of Splash Wizard’s control, the site will be shut down. This is very sad for both the owner, who is a really upstanding person, and for those of us who really loved Splash Wizard. I have disabled the links and examples of the splash pages in this post.]

This is my review of Splash Wizard, which is an easy splash page builder. You can also create capture pages and thank-you pages. More on this further below. I use Splash Wizard myself and have a Lifetime membership – because that’s how much I really like the product.