Online Job Portal Memberships – My Advice When Signing Up

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If you’re not really looking to build an online affiliate marketing business and you’re just looking for a online job gig to make some extra income….included below are some very popular online job portal memberships.

There are 4 different memberships:

Paying Social Media Jobs

Social Media Jobs

Write App Reviews

test apps

Live Chat Jobs

Live Chat Assistant Jobs

Paid Online Writing Jobs

simple writing jobs

I would still encourage you to also think long-term and build an affiliate marketing business as well, where your efforts will continue to pay you for many years to come…unlike an online job gig that’s only going to pay you per job.

You will see my recommendations here (Resources 1 and 2)

You could actually do both at the same time though, while getting started…

For instance, work an online job gig to get some money coming in, while you build up recurring income with an online affiliate marketing business.

Even though, online job gigs are not my thing because I prefer to work for myself as an affiliate marketer…I have lifetime memberships with all 4 of the online job gig sites listed above.

I wanted to have a membership to all 4 of these sites because I prefer to promote things that I actually own and have checked out for myself.

I can tell you that the websites are very clean and easy to navigate and the training modules are packed full of helpful information.

I have even been in contact with support, whenever I’ve had questions and I was pleased that support has always been helpful and responsive.

As a job gig portal, not only do they have training modules, but they have daily job listings that are conveniently linked directly to many different job sites, which saves you a huge amount of time.

You can scroll through the job listings from all in one place and then you simply click to apply directly to the job listing.

These job gig portals have been around for many years and are very popular.

All 4 are run by the same parent company based out of New York called: 

ClickTrix located at: 244 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10016-2817

As an affiliate I already knew this detail, but you will see this address listed at the bottom of their follow-up emails, when you opt-in to their email list from any of their sites.

These memberships are inexpensive and can save you a lot of time. 

Again, even though I personally prefer to work for myself as an affiliate marketer, I know that many people enjoy doing these online job gigs, especially the social media jobs, which seems to be the most popular. 

So, if that is you and you would enjoy doing online job gigs …these 4 resources can help make getting an online job gig a much easier process.

There are always job listings available because this market is HUGE.

🎯 Tip: If you are wanting more than one of these memberships or having a hard time choosing…you’re in luck because they make it easy and inexpensive to grab them all.

First off, choose the membership that interests you the most.

For instance, if you love social media, then choose Paying Social Media Jobs.

If customer service job gigs interest you the most, then choose Live Chat Jobs.

If writing is your thing, then go for Paid Online Writing Jobs.

Once you choose the one you want the most, while you are going through the ordering process, you will be offered Lifetime Memberships to at least 2 of the other options. 

So for instance, I chose the Paying Social Media Jobs membership because I know that one has been very popular for over a decade and has a very low one-time payment for a Lifetime Membership.

Well, during the ordering process, I was asked if I wanted to add Lifetime Memberships for both WriteApp Reviews and Paid Online Writing Jobs to my order.

I had already planned on ordering all 4 anyway, so I simply added them to my order.

They were a good deal, especially because Paid Online Writing Jobs is usually a $1.00 trial for 3 days and then $47.00 per month.

Instead, this offer during my order was a one-time payment for a Lifetime Membership, so that saved me a lot of money.

So, at this point I had 3 out of the 4 online job gig memberships.

I still wanted the membership to Live chat jobs, so I opted-in separately and placed my order, which was a $1.00 trial for 3 days and then $47 monthly.

To my surprise, after I placed my order for the $1.00 trial…I was offered to convert the monthly fee to a one-time payment for a Lifetime Membership, which would save me a lot of money. 

I would imagine that they offer the same deal for the Paid Online Writing Jobs membership, for those that order that one separately.

Also, while ordering the Live Chat jobs membership, I was again offered Lifetime Memberships for WriteApp Reviews and Paid Online Writing Jobs.

However, since I had already grabbed those memberships when I ordered Paying Social Media jobs, I simply declined the offer.

I don’t think the system would have allowed duplicate accounts to be created anyway because they already existed under my email address. These additional offers are already built-in to the ordering process.

So, now I have all 4 memberships and I never have to pay another penny.

Now you might be wondering what happened to the $1.00 that I paid for the 3 day trial for the Live Chat jobs membership.

Well, to my surprise…a few minutes after my one-time payment for the lifetime membership was completed, I received 2 emails.

One email was alerting me of a refund that was processed for $1.00 and the other was to cancel any future $47 monthly billing, since I was now a Lifetime Member and never needed to pay again. 

They didn’t even try to keep my $1.00 which was the kind of attention to detail that I didn’t really expect, so that was nice.

So, they make it very easy to have more than one membership, for those that can’t make up their minds which ones they want.

Some people want a variety anyway when it comes to doing online job gigs, to mix things up and never get bored. 

Of course, if you do only want one particular membership and none of the others interest you, then just choose the one you want the most and decline any additional offers. 

Nicole Lynn


Nicole Lynn


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I wanted to create MY freedom…not build it for someone else.

Unexpectedly in 2008, severe neck issues forced me out of the 9 to 5 corporate world rat race (before I was actually ready financially, which really sucked a lot and was pretty scary).

It’s better to have a 2nd income already rolling and coming in regularly before losing your main source of income, but I had no control over what happened.

After spending years trying to figure out how to make money online (all on my own) and only being able to make a few dollars here and there…I started using some great resources that made it all easier.

I now use these resources to increase my income daily.

Wealthy Affiliate and The Home Business Academy have both provided me the tools and training to make money online as an affiliate marketer.

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