About This Website

About This Website

Welcome to Resources for Online Success! 🙂

My name is Nicole Lynn.

The purpose of this website is to share helpful tips and training resources so that you can build a successful online business.

It’s really as simple as that.

This website is geared mostly for beginners who want to create their own online business, but are not sure where to start.

Even if you are not a complete beginner and have delved into online business in the past, it’s always good to know where to get the best up-to-date resources.

This is so that you don’t get sucked into the latest greatest “money games” and less-than-ideal “programs” that will likely end up wasting both your time and money.

About Nicole Lynn

About Nicole Lynn

Again, my name is Nicole Lynn.

I’m an affiliate marketer.

My background is in customer service and accounting, until physical health issues forced me out of the workplace into online business, which is what I wanted to do eventually anyway.

You can read more about my online business journey here.

I enjoy reading, but now I read digital versions or listen to audio versions of books, due to my neck issues and not being able to look down at books for too long.

I do miss regular books though and going to libraries and bookstores.

I enjoy watching TV and movies.

I love listening to music, including looking up my favorite songs on YouTube.

I also love to write, but informally because I’m not trying to win an award for best grammar, etc.

I also love animals.


That’s super exciting huh?

Well, I’m an introvert, so that’s about all you’re getting out of me…😀

There are tons of people online who love to let it all hang out, which is awesome, but that’s not me and I won’t try to be something that I’m not.

Again, I’m an affiliate marketer who works from home, which is actually great for both introverts and extroverts.

This website is specifically about online business, but I have many different interests that I like to blog about on my other websites when I have time.

Having your own domains and websites is like having your own personal real estate on the internet that no one else can control, edit, remove, or tell you what to do with it.

Having the freedom to blog about anything I want, anytime I want, is so fun to me and so all of my websites are long-term passion projects.

Keep reading below to meet my new staff member at Resources for Online Success.

I decided it was time to shake things up a little…

About Cosmo Luke

About Cosmo Luke

I have recently added Cosmo Luke to my staff because he is very smart, opinionated, demanding, and even though he likes to complain, he’s also really cute.

I have seen stories all over the internet about cats that have “jobs”…😂

There are cats that “work” in bookstores and various other places, so I figured that Cosmo Luke could have a job too, as a blogger on my online business website

You might be wondering why a CAT 😺 would be blogging on a website about online business…

Well, there is no reason he can’t blog here because well…it’s my website and I can hire him if I want to. 😺

So, Cosmo Luke is now the “entertainment” blogger here and he’s gonna mix things up.

He’s probably more professional than some of the co-workers I used to have in my previous 9-5 rat race life and he’s much less dramatic…and way cuter! 😉

Besides, since he always wants attention because my other two elderly cats sleep all the time…I might as well put his paws to work.

Also, he can keep things lively and interesting by popping in now and then to tell you what he thinks.

Who says a website about online business has to be boring?

Frankly, this website was created for humans, not search engines, because writing only to please search engines ruins my creativity.

I’m a person, not a robot and I write for people, not robots.

So, I will make my website the way I want it, which includes hiring my cat as a blogger.

Here are some thoughts from Cosmo Luke himself.

I had to wake him from his nap first of course…

Cosmo Luke

Hello Humans!

I’m a pretty awesome cat, at least that’s what my human mom tells me…and she is right!

I enjoy snacking, napping, lounging around, and looking cute while randomly complaining.

She’s so impressed with me that she offered me a job as an “entertainment” blogger here on her boring online business website.

Purrsonally, (between you and I)…I think she is kind of lonely being the only blogger on staff.

However, I decided to take this job because it could be a great way to let other humans know what I think about stuff.

I’m opinionated and demanding and I’m very talkative too, so this could work!

Purrsonally, I think she is obsessed with online business as much as she is obsessed with me.

Actually no, I take that back…she is definitely more obsessed with me for sure.

Besides, since I have to listen to her talk about this online business stuff, I might as well lend a helping paw. 🐾

And if I do a good job, then I bet she will give me anything I want!

I already get almost everything I want, but I want MORE!

MORE!! 😼

I will have my list of demands ready!

In the meantime, as a show of my appreciation for being hired, I left her a lovely surprise in the litter and a hairball in the hallway.

Hopefully, she will hurry up and clean the litter box because she knows that I like it nice and clean!

I will be watching and waiting until she does.

Last time it took her 5 minutes, but she needs to get on the ball more.

Until next time humans…

It’s now my lunchtime!

🐾 Cosmo Luke 🐾

Thank you for stopping by and visiting and I wish you much success in your online business! 🙂

Thank You

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