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My Online Business Journey

About My Online Business Journey

You probably don’t know me and never even heard of me.

I’m not some flashy internet marketing “guru” with my name and face all over the internet.

I’m just an ordinary person that had to figure out a way to make money online when I lost my job in 2008, due to health issues.

In the offline world, I gained several years of experience in Customer Service, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, and various other clerical-type positions.

Much of it was drudgery, especially working in call centers.

I was good at my various jobs, but I did not enjoy being hostage to a cubicle and headset..lol 🙂

But, you do what soul-sucking jobs you have to do, in order to make money to pay the bills.

As a free spirit, I always had the deep desire to break free from the cubicle-zombie-robot rat race world and have full control over my time, income, and life, without having to have permission from a boss.

I was tired of being just another “number” that was expendable, no matter how dependable or hard I worked (just to help build someone else’s wealth and make their dreams come true).

I wanted to create MY freedom…not just build it for someone else.

Unexpectedly in 2008, severe neck issues forced me out of the 9 to 5 corporate world rat race (before I was actually ready financially, which really sucked a lot and was pretty scary).

My neck issues got worse after years of being trapped at a computer, with little to no permission to get up and move around and stretch. 

This is not good when you are suffering from old car accident injuries.

This was especially the case in call center jobs with low cubicle walls. They didn’t want you standing up, due to the noise while on calls.

And although losing my job and the paycheck was a less-than-pleasant experience, my goal was to be an online entrepreneur anyway.

But, I was forced to make it happen at that point…which was not ideal.

I Wasted Too Much Time

Stop Wasting Time

It’s better to have a 2nd income already coming in regularly before losing your main source of income, but I had no control over what happened.

I had already been “dabbling” in internet marketing, on the side, since 2004…basically wasting time.

I treated it as a hobby, instead of a serious online business.

I actually made a little bit of money with affiliate commissions and some advertising revenue, but it was nothing to write home about because I did not build it up. 

If I had realized that my health was going to go sideways so badly in 2008, then I would’ve taken my online business “side gig” much more seriously.

I would’ve taken it a lot more seriously, even while still working a full-time job.

I would’ve had more than enough time to build that online business into a full-time income.

Just an extra 1 hour per day consistently over that 4 year period…would have made all the difference.

So, after I lost my job in 2008, I was in a real bind for more than one reason.

I needed to get serious and stop dabbling and start really working to make money online, but it takes time to build an online business that brings in consistent income.

I was out of time.

My household suddenly went from two incomes to one and I needed to get moving.

The problem was my severe neck issues and the accompanying dizziness from nerve damage in my C1 Vertebrae, the Atlas. 

So, this meant that I couldn’t exactly work like I needed to because being on a computer for hours each day at home is no different than doing it at a job.

I was no longer able to do this if I wanted to not end up completely disabled or bedridden.

The years between 2008 and 2011 were extremely tough in trying to heal, but with proper therapy, the worst of it got better, but it’s not 100%.

Even all these years later, I still can only be on a computer so much each day, without causing flare-ups.

So again, if I had taken it all more seriously, then I wouldn’t have ended up with so many financial worries when I lost my job.

I would’ve had something more substantial to fall back on during times that were difficult money-wise and health-wise.

The Online Roller Coaster Ride

online roller coaster ride

Then, the online roller coaster ride really began for me because I got very distracted by everything to do with making money online.

This was NOT a fun, exhilarating roller coaster ride either.

Being on a time crunch to try and make money online and basically beating my head against the wall trying to figure it all out on my own caused me to have what’s called shiny object syndrome.

This turned into a very unpleasant roller coaster ride of jumping from one program to another and basically flushing more time and money down the toilet.

Losing my job made me act in desperation because I wanted to make something happen right now.

So, I ended up doing what a lot of people do, which is looking for a shortcut and something “quick” or “push button”…which is not realistic because it doesn’t really exist.

Then in 2012, I joined Wealthy Affiliate because it had the tools and resources I needed all in one place, to help me build an online business.

I now use this amazing resource to build my online business.

I enjoy making money online because I can work from anywhere and on my own schedule, while still being able to take care of my health.

You Can Do It Too

You Can Do It

So, why do I tell you all of this?

I share all of this with you, so you’ll know it’s possible to make money online and have total freedom from the 9-5 grind.

It takes time to build an online business, but it’s worth it to build either a side income to supplement your full-time job or replace your job.

If you have found yourself in a similar situation to me or you simply want to get ahead of things and plan for the future, your goal going forward should be not to waste any more time.

Whether you love your job or hate your job, it’s always a good idea to have a Plan B to supplement your income or replace your income.

You never know what can happen with your job or even with your health.

Don’t waste time, as I did.

Take action now.

Just get started and keep going.

And most importantly, believe in yourself.

You can do it!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day 🙂

To Your Success,

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