One Small Step Can Change Your Life and Your Online Business

When things aren’t going the way you want in your online business or your life in general, you will find that one small step can change your life and your online business in a big way – in a positive way.

It happens in a cumulative fashion though.

One small step each day will add up to a lot of forward progress.

No matter how stressed out you are about how things are going, whether business or personal, it’s never a good idea to make sudden huge radical changes. 

When life isn’t going well, some people will just up and sell their house or quit their job or move across the country in order to make a fresh start, etc.

They may quit their online business altogether because things aren’t going well at the moment, but it really doesn’t have to be that dramatic in order to see improvements.

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Sometimes just taking a step back and looking at things realistically and making small changes will help more in the long run.

It starts with that first one small step.

That’s what will get the ball rolling for you.

Yes, small steps seem…well small and therefore insignificant.

Small steps seem like they would only have a small impact, but if you repeat those small steps over and over again – they will add up to real change in your online business and in your life.

We already know that the key to implementing any kind of change, is to do it one step at a time and to have patience. Patience really is the key because without it, you will easily want to just throw in the towel and end up not taking any steps at all.

I really think that procrastination and patience go hand in hand. At least for me they are related. When I lose patience, I tend to go into a mode of non-action. me they are related.

All or nothing. If I cannot accomplish it all – right now – then I will accomplish nothing.

This is the wrong attitude to have and that attitude will make it hard for you to go beyond that first step.

The biggest benefit of making that one small step is that you’ll get a little bit of stress relief every time you take action. Because doing nothing will actually cause more stress than making simple, small steps.

Taking huge, drastic steps can seem like the right thing at the time, but they can actually cause you more stress and make you overwhelmed, so there has to be a middle ground.

You will also feel a sense of accomplishment for every little small step you take and this in turn adds up to brand-new habits.

Each small step will put you in the right direction and then before you know it, you’ve made huge strides towards a more fulfilling life and a successful online business.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy button that you can press to make this all happen. It will still take effort. Yes, even small steps take effort, but in the end all that effort will be more valuable than a quick fix.

You’ll start to feel the stress alleviate in your life and more of your goals will be reached. It’s a snowball effect.

Make a list of things that stress you out or that you need to get done and just keep working through them little by little. And as you get into the habit of making simple, small steps – you’ll start to see more opportunities for little tweaks here and there – which will further improve the quality of your life and your online business.

Goals are nothing without implementation, but it’s best to do the implementation in bite-size pieces.

The point of having your own online business is having the freedom to call the shots and be able to control the pressure you’re under. Part of that freedom is controlling your habits and your environment.

You are the boss and ultimately the actions you take affect not just your online business, but the quality of life for both yourself and your family.

This is what the freedom of running an online business means – you are in control of all the details and you decide what steps to take and when you take them.

Just don’t try to do things all at once and in big chunks. You know what they say about eating an elephant (not that I ever would)….but how do you eat that elephant? One bite at a time.

In the end, simple small steps will add up to huge changes and you’re going to be more satisfied with how things turn out.

Believe me, I’m one that likes to have everything accomplished all at once, but I’ve learned the hard way that it’s not realistic.

It’s a recipe for disappointment because when you don’t accomplish everything all at once, you end up feeling totally deflated and unmotivated.

We each only have 24 hours in a day. There’s only so much you can accomplish anyway, so why make things harder by trying to eat the whole elephant?

So, don’t do that to yourself. Take it from me, it doesn’t work and it’s better to pace yourself. Do what needs to be done, but in bite-sized pieces and before you know it… you will have reached so many more goals than if you would’ve otherwise.

A better long-term plan is the slow and steady plan and the consistent plan. It will ensure that the steps you do take will actually lead to positive results in your life and in your online business.

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By Nicole Lynn

As a free spirit, I always had the desire deep inside of me to break free of the cubicle world and have full control over my time and paycheck.

Ironically and unexpectedly, neck issues forced me out of the 9 to 5 corporate world rat race (before I was actually ready 😉) and I've been doing affiliate marketing from home ever since.

I enjoy earning recurring income using the affiliate marketing business model because I can work from anywhere and on my own schedule. An employer no longer gets to decides what my time and effort are worth.

Basically, the sky is the limit on the income that I can earn from my efforts.

I started this website to share tools, resources, tips and inspiration with those that want to do the same. 🙂