How to Create Targeted Email Marketing Message

targeted email

Creating targeted email marketing messages is very important if you want your email marketing messages to convert. Email marketing is a highly effective form of marketing that can’t be ignored.

They say the money is in the list, and that is true. But, you’ll need to ensure that your messages are created correctly.

* Simple Is Better – Marketing messages need to be simple and to the point. Don’t make every email marketing message like a sales page. Tell them something important, and then promote something. It’s that easy.

* Chunky Content Is Good – When people read email messages (or anything online) they read from top to bottom before they read from left to right. That’s why it’s important to make bullet points, use a lot of white space, and make the content chunky.

* Make It about Them – Stop saying “I” or “We” in your email marketing messages and instead use a lot of “you” and proper names to talk to the person in your email. You want them to know it’s about them and not about you. You are helping them, not yourself.

* Benefits over Features – When you’re telling your audience about a new product or service, always tell them about the benefits. That’s all they care about. How does it help them and what direct benefits does it provide?

* Create Telling Subject Lines – Don’t use clickbait subject lines. You want the subject line to reflect what your audience will read inside the email, so that they will not ignore your future emails because they feel you’ve tricked them.

* Use Keywords – Even though the email won’t be searched by a search engine, your audience is used to certain words being stated. They will need to read familiar words and some jargon that lets them know you understand them.

* Write Directly to Your Targeted Audience – When you are writing the email messages, it’s important to picture the audience in your mind. Create a client avatar to help you write directly to the right person.

* Have One Goal in Mind – Don’t have too many goals in mind for your audience in one email. Market one new thing to them at a time and have one good goal for each email so you can stay focused.

* Proofread – Always be sure to proofread your messages to check for proper grammar and punctuation. You don’t want anything to distract your readers from your ultimate message.

Work on your marketing messages carefully if you want to see a good return on your investment. Having high converting email marketing messages will make all the difference in your business.