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Former Splash Wizard Review: See Brand A Splash Update Below

UPDATE 5-26-20: I have been using a simple alternative to Splash Wizard for a while now called BRAND A SPLASH. I certainly don’t love it the way I did Splash Wizard, but it’s very inexpensive and easy to use.

It’s also very limited in scope. You can only make a personally branded splash page with it, but for the extremely affordable price though, it’s a nifty resource.

You can basically create a personally branded splash page that you can use to promote any program you want, while building your brand. They even have a promotional rotator that’s available to Gold Members.

Again, it’s extremely easy to use and does not require design skills, hosting or a domain name. It’s just a low one-time membership fee with no ongoing monthly service costs.

I really love the simplicity. You can edit your splash page anytime you want and you can even change whatever offer you are promoting anytime you want as well. Brand A Splash uses a very simple interface and any changes you make are instant.

You can change the template anytime you want by simply choosing the URL that matches one of 20 templates. 3 of the templates are actually Holiday themes.

You don’t have to redo your splash page in order to switch templates…just choose a different URL.

You can actually promote your offer using all 20 template URL’s. So, that is a neat feature. This makes it easy to test what template works best for your needs and your audience.

There is also a nice little affiliate program that is offered and completely optional.  It pays out 50% commissions. Most people are interested in promoting their own brand and offers, but the affiliate program is also available to use, if you choose.

As you can see, I left the review below for Splash Wizard in place because people do still search for that product and as a result find this review. This allows me to let them know that Splash Wizard is no longer available and also that Brand A Splash is a viable resource.

I actually signed up as a Brand A Splash Gold Member quite a while ago, but I just never updated this post until now. It’s definitely a useful resource and very affordable.

Just FYI: I’m both a customer and an affiliate of the resource in this post (see my Affiliate Disclosure)

Brand A Splash

[UPDATE 12-30-18: Due to circumstances out of the owner of Splash Wizard’s control, the site will be shut down. This is very sad for both the owner, who is a really upstanding person, and for those of us who really loved Splash Wizard. I have disabled the links and examples of the splash pages in this post.]

This is my review of Splash Wizard, which is an easy splash page builder. You can also create capture pages and thank-you pages. More on this further below. I use Splash Wizard myself and have a Lifetime membership – because that’s how much I really like the product.

I’m now an affiliate of this product because I know that Splash Wizard is a quality product at a great price.

So, just like when I promote the online business community that I’ve been a member of for over 6 years….I know also with Splash Wizard that I’m promoting something that’s excellent.

I can sleep well at night and look at myself in the mirror in the morning knowing that it’s something useful for other people.

I only ever promote things that I actually use myself and that I believe in.

I would never feel right about promoting crap.

My Hunt for a Decent Splash Page Maker

I was on what was essentially a treasure hunt for a really easy, yet professional looking splash page creator.

I had tried several free services over the years, but was never really happy  with the quality or the process.

I just wanted something simple, but nice looking. I also tried more than one WordPress plugin to make splash pages.

Again, I was not happy. Some are free and some have upgrade options. I’m not opposed to paying for upgrades, but I have to be sure that it’s a reliable product and I don’t feel like a lot of plugins are reliable.

I really don’t like to use a whole lot of plugins in general and it’s because I’ve had bad experiences with them not working or working but later breaking or breaking my website! Some plugins are not kept up-to-date with the endless WordPress updates.

For example, I thought that I found a plugin that made pretty decent splash pages and capture pages. It was a free plugin with the option to upgrade. I tried it out for a few days.

I don’t remember the name of the plugin because I tried several, but I do remember that I thought I’d finally found one I could rely on and if all went well, I had planned on paying for the upgrade.

I made multiple splash pages and posted them at various places where I advertise. All looked good. Everything was working great. Then the next day, when I went to check the various stats….I was horrified to find out that over half of my splash page links were creating 404 errors!

I had made almost a dozen splash pages because I needed different URL’s for tracking purposes. Each splash page was leading to my online business community review. Or so I thought. Instead half of them were 404’s – for no reason. I double-checked everything and there was nothing different between those splash pages and the ones that were still working.

I had no way to change all of the ads that I had out there online. So, I immediately had no choice but to download another plugin to redirect the 404 errors to the page the splash pages was intended to reach. Fortunately, that worked like a charm.

But, here I was unable to use this plugin to make my splash pages. I deactivated and removed the plugin and explained in the exit survey, that the developer put out, what happened and why I would no longer be using the plugin.

I could have put in a support request, but frankly I was aggravated and did not feel like dealing with technical issues. So, I politely said my peace and dumped it. I was so glad that I had not paid for the upgrade.

I just knew that I could not trust the product and if it weren’t for the fact that I’m obsessed with checking my stats….I may not have discovered the 404 errors for a while. I would have just assumed all was working correctly. Good thing I never assume.

My Search for an Easy, Affordable and Reliable Splash Page Builder Continued

I was about ready to give up on making splash pages. I had to start from square one searching for something that was easy and affordable and most of all reliable.

I was really upset about having to start my search all over again.

I was not looking for anything fancy, but it seemed like searching for a needle in a haystack. Plus, I had to try not to revisit the other splash makers that I had already tried.

Unfortunately, I had failed to make a list of them and had no point of reference, except my memory.

By some stroke of pure luck, I happened to notice a YouTube video in the search results that led me directly to Splash Wizard. I immediately entered my email address to sign up for free.

At first, I was not sure if Splash Wizard was going to be easy to use. But, one of the messages that popped up on the screen from Splash Wizard’s owner was to encourage me to click on EVERYTHING and read each tab. That I could not break it 🙂

So, that’s exactly what I did. And within 5-10 minutes I had a really cool splash page made. After that, I made several and each one only took about 5 minutes.

It was really fun and the backgrounds provided are really amazing. There are over 326 full-page backgrounds to choose from. That was actually the only difficult part – actually choosing which great background to use because I loved so many of them.

Splash Wizard is More than a Splash Page Creator

You Can Make Capture and Thank-You Pages Too! Use Branding and Social Sharing as Well. Pages Fully Hosted.

I know that I keep talking about splash pages here, but Splash Wizard can be used to create capture pages and thank-you pages as well.

When you create your capture pages, you can link them up to your autoresponder service. Most autoresponders are compatible.

If you don’t use an autoresponder, you can create a button with a Call to Action and have that button link to any URL that you would like. This is where you can get really creative by linking to an affiliate link or a post or page on your website.

You can make these pages for any kind of business that you want. Even an offline business that you are trying to promote online. There are just so many uses for them.

You can add branding to your pages with your name, picture, Gravatar.

You can turn on or off the social sharing icons that are off to the left. They are unobtrusive and they link to your splash page/capture page url so that they can be shared with others. That is a really nice feature. It can help make your pages viral if someone decides to share them.

You can also add videos: mp4, YouTube, Vimeo.

Here is an example that Splash Wizard has for one with an embedded YouTube Video.

It’s really a fun and easy process and you can get really creative with your pages. You don’t have to know web design or HTML. It’s a simple point and click, fill in the blank process.

Splash Wizard also hosts your pages, too. I really like this part and the hosting is very good.

Splash Wizard Membership Options – Free or Pro Members

You can join for free here (this is an example of one of my splash pages). This splash page will take you right to where you can sign up for your Splash Wizard account. Try it out. Make some pages.

As a free member, if there are any pages you want to keep, you can “pay to use” any of your pages for a one-time payment of $5.95

Now, I think that is a pretty good deal. However, for me I went with the upgrade option.  A Pro Membership is $9.95 per month and you can create unlimited splash pages.

I chose the Lifetime Upgrade Special, which is just one payment of $197. This special appears when…Lifetime Pros account for less than 20% of all Pro memberships. So, apparently this option is not always available.

I almost selected the $9.95 monthly option, but since I plan on staying with Splash Wizard – I figured that in 20 months, I will have paid the equivalent of a Lifetime Membership.

Another great feature for Pro members is that you can clone your splash pages. This is an important feature for me. I needed the same splash page for almost a dozen places where I’m marketing, but I needed to track each place individually. When you clone a page, it creates it’s own unique URL. This makes tracking a lot easier and not having to recreate the pages is such a time-saver.

Examples of Splash Pages I Created with Splash Wizard

These links are an example of one of the splash pages that I created in like 5 minutes using Splash Wizard. I included screenshots as well at the bottom, but since the screenshots do not show the full quality – if you click on the links you can see the full-page live working versions. Keep in mind that my examples below only show just 3 of the full-page backgrounds out of the 326 backgrounds that are available.

Some of these links are examples of splash pages that link to my reviews at this website. They simply link to one of my pages and one of my posts here on this website. Other examples are where I link directly to the affiliate links. I use these on other websites where I advertise by using the unique splash page URL provided.

Example #1– This link is for my review of the online business community I’ve been a member of since May 2012.

Example #2– This link is for my review here of Splash Wizard that you are reading right now.

Example #3– This link is an example of a splash page where I promote the online business community that I’m a member of by linking directly to my affiliate link.

Example #4– This link is an example of a splash page where I promote Splash Wizard by linking directly to my affiliate link.

I have not made any capture pages yet because I currently do not have a mailing list for this website. But, with my Lifetime membership I can do this whenever I’m ready.

So, that’s the rundown of Splash Wizard. Click here to join for free and try it out for yourself 🙂