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Video Marketing Tips for Tangible Affiliates

Video Marketing

Are you an affiliate marketer that promotes tangible products and are looking to incorporate video marketing into your marketing efforts?

In the age of multimedia, it’s important to understand video marketing for tangible affiliates.  Many people shy away from video marketing because they’re intimidated by it. 

This is very common. Not everyone is comfortable with producing videos.

But there are many ways you can do it – and once you start using video, you’ll see how much it can bring to your business.  

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The easiest way to implement video marketing is to embed Amazon’s videos right into your blog.  These are videos that are produced for marketing specific products and many products – even books – have video trailers.

Using an Amazon video doesn’t require you to produce your own video. You only have to share work that’s been done by professionals to help market and promote a specific product.  This free tool can be invaluable.

You can also create your own videos.  For example, you can show a product, how it works, and review it while you share it on camera. 

You can also make a video that shows your progress.  For example, for a weight loss product you can show before and after videos.

While this may seem a little scary at first, you’ll find that readers really respond to getting to know you through video. 

Not only will you reach more people who prefer to see a video over reading text, but you’ll begin to develop a stronger relationship with your readers and they’ll begin to trust you more. 

You can also make videos with just your own voice just sharing what is on your screen. Not everyone makes videos where they appear in them and that is just fine. 

When making a video, it’s important to remember a few tips.  First, make sure you have good lighting.  A dark video is hard to see and isn’t inviting. 

Using natural light will give you the best video images. Sound quality is also important.

You also need to remember professionalism.  You want to come across as someone who is a professional with a business. 

Instead of making your video off the cuff, make sure you plan what you’re going to say and how you’re going to present a product.

It will be easier to create a video when you have something prepared to present.

While you want to be professional, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through.  A little humor or self-deprecation can be attractive to a large audience of regular people.

They’ll see you as a real person that can be trusted.

Finally, you’ll always want to brand your video with your logo or URL so that if someone else uses it or shares it, they’re branding it for you. 

As your video gets passed along, your business is naturally promoted. Using a watermark is a good idea.

Videos are powerful tools when you’re promoting tangible affiliate products.  Make sure you take advantage of them in your own marketing plan.

It takes time to produce videos, but they can be a great addition to your existing marketing efforts.

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By Nicole Lynn

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